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Are UV Lamps At Your Nail Salon Increasing Your Skin Cancer Risk?

Manicurists often use LED/UV lamps for setting gel manicures and dry polish. The side effects of such exposure may lead to a heightened risk of melanoma. Read further to get more details about this startling finding and how it be countered.

It is common knowledge that prolonged exposure to high-intensity UV radiation like the one emitted by artificial tanners can be detrimental to one’s health and can increase the risk of developing skin carcinoma. These radiations can pass through all the upper layers of the skin and wreak havoc by damaging collagen and elastin, the proteins that protect your skin’s youthfulness. While the curing lamps used at nail salons do not necessarily produce UV radiations that are as intense as those released by tanning beds, excessive use of such devices can lead to an elevation in risk over time.

Here are some facts that you must keep in mind the next time you decide to go in for a manicure.

  1. Check The Bulb Strength Of The Device – Salons typically have a variety of nail lamps with varying intensities. Those lamps that have a higher wattage produce more copious amounts of radiation and, therefore, are more dangerous. Request your manicurist to use a lamp with the lowest wattage.
  2. Avoid Getting Weekly Manicures – Reducing your exposure to dryer lamps can help lower your risk of melanoma risk. If you absolutely must get your nails done every week, try to avoid gel manicures that set only when a curing lamp is used.
  3. Slather Your Hands With Sunscreen Before Parking Them Under A Lamp – Coating your hands with a sunscreen with SPF value higher than 30 can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiations. Apply the cream right before your manicurist puts on the nail polish.
  4. Consider Wearing Fingerless Gloves – Protective gloves that do not have fingertips are a good option when it comes to limiting your UV exposure. These are made using fabric that have UV protectant properties. However, it is vital to note that the UV protection strength of these gloves reduces with each wash. Replace them after a few washes.

While manicures may make your hands look dainty in a jiffy, it is essential to keep in mind the potential health hazards that they may bring along. This fact is especially true if you are fond of gel manicures that require dryer lamps to set well. By adopting a few of the suggestions given above you can enjoy a manicure without overexposing yourself to the dangers of ultraviolet radiations and consequently protect yourself from skin cancer.

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