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Pancreatic Cancer - How to cope with the side effects of therapy

Therapies prescribed for pancreatic carcinoma are aggressive since they aim to annihilate stubborn carcinogenic cells. Unfortunately, the consequences of these go beyond the cancerous growth and are seen on other organs too. There are some lifestyle choices that can assist you in counteracting the adverse effects of therapy and allow you to maintain a decent standard of life. 

As the name suggests, pancreatic carcinoma is a form of cancer that targets the gland known as the pancreas which is responsible for producing hormones like insulin that help the body to utilize the energy extracted from food. It is also a producer of bile which helps break down food. Pancreatic carcinoma tends to originate in the pockets that hold bile. The treatment and care choices that are available for patients suffering from pancreatic carcinoma depend on the subtype and its current phase. 

Here are some suggestions for coping with the typical problems faced by cancer patients. 

Ample Rest And Exercise To Combat Fatigue – Tiredness is one of the primary fallouts of chemotherapy. It is vital to conserve energy by taking frequent naps and increasing the duration of your nightly sleep time. Moderate exercise in the form of relaxed strolls can help too. 

Smaller Snacks and High Fluid Intake To Manage Nausea – Feeling sick all the time and a constant nauseous sensation can occur due to cancer medication and chemotherapy. Eating small portions often and hiking your fluid intake can be useful especially before you begin a round of treatment. 

Scalp Protection To Mitigate Alopecia – Hair Loss is perhaps one of the most tragic outcomes of cancer therapy. To cope with such kind of hair loss, try using a mild, baby shampoo instead of your regular one and exchange your usual hairbrush with one that has softer bristles. Protect your scalp from the harmful radiations of the sun by keeping it covered. 

Modified Skin Care To Fight Dryness and Inflammation – For some people, chemotherapy unleashes skin problems like heightened sensitivity, excessive dryness, peeling, and itching. Using mild moisturizing soaps and wearing loose, non-restrictive clothes as well as drinking sufficient water in a day can be some solutions for skin issues. 

Increased Oral Care To Deal With Mouth Sores – Many cancer-related treatment drugs cause abscesses in the mouth as well as thickened saliva. Both of these conditions can cause pain when chewing and swallowing food. Steering clear of strong mouthwashes, cigarettes, alcohol, and overly rough toothbrushes can help heal ulcers faster. 

Cancer treatment can be quite an ordeal for most people. However, by following some of the suggestions given above, one can reduce the intensity of the side effects resulting from such treatment. 

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