Gum Disease And Pancreatic Cancer How Are The Two Linked

Gum disease has recently been linked to a heightened probability of getting pancreatic carcinoma. Read further to understand how these two seemingly different ailments are connected and what you can do to maintain healthy gums. 

50,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma every year. A staggering estimate by any standards, this statistic has fuelled many research initiatives to look for early clues that could help identify high-risk cases. Proactively working on such cases can be beneficial in avoiding the development of cancerous cells altogether. A recent study conducted in this field indicates that some bacteria, like P. gingivalis, that are known to give birth to gum disease are also accountable for an increase in the possibility of getting pancreatic carcinoma later on in life. Researchers have concluded- those with an excessive presence of P. gingivalis in their mouths, have a 59% higher chance of falling prey to pancreatic carcinoma! 

It is, therefore, all the more vital to pay attention to oral hygiene right from the start. Here are some ways to get healthier gums and keep cancerous cells away: 

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Often emphasized by dentists universally, brushing and flossing every day is pivotal to maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Removing food particles trapped in the tooth crevices and the gaps in between teeth is necessary if you want to avoid bacteria build-up.

Put Those Nasty Cigarettes Away

Smoking contributes significantly to the manifestation of gum disease. It also leads to stained teeth and foul breath, all of which are a result of an overgrowth of oral bacteria.

Give Your Dentist a Visit Often

Even though a visit to the dentist is not something that you might look forward to, it is essential when it comes to averting gum problems. An oral clean up that includes removal of plaque is one of the quickest ways of eliminating bacteria.

Understand Signs of Gum Disease

Picking up on the first signs of gum disease and seeking appropriate treatment is an excellent way to avoid further complications. Inflamed gums that bleed often should be checked by a dentist immediately. Also, let your dentist know if you have noticed an increase in the spaces between your teeth as this too could be an effect of gum problems.

Oral bacteria can be treated effectively by the administration of antibiotics and through procedures like scaling and root-planting. Treating these conditions in the early stage of gum disease rather than waiting for them to blow out of proportion can help you protect your pancreas in the long run and save you a great deal of pain and suffering! 

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