Chemotherapy Tips To Brave Its Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a standard option for fighting various types of carcinoma. Unfortunately, the drugs administered as part of procedure not only annihilate cancerous cells but also negatively affect their healthier counterparts. In this article, we discuss some ways in which you can strengthen your mind and body to brave these unwanted effects without breaking down. 

From the loss of hair to fatigue and lack of appetite, cancer-killing chemicals can cause issues that wreak mental, physical and emotional havoc. Cancer by itself has some very brutal symptoms. Add to that a long laundry list of therapy-related after effects, and you have more than a fair share of misery piled high on your plate. While chemotherapy has proven time and again that it is most useful in beating several types of cancer, it is still one of the most challenging procedures to go through as a patient due to the harshness of what ensues. Some of these effects may show up during the therapy while others may continue long after the sessions are over. To be able to keep living a life that is high in quality, it is essential to imbibe some healthy habits even before going in for the procedure. Here are some examples to get you started:-

  • Start A Physical Workout Routine – Some form of moderate intensity physical exertion is an excellent remedy for fighting depression, inflammation, and chronic tiredness. When your body is pumped up with endorphins as a result of a workout, it is hard for you to stay morose and malaise-ridden for too long.

  • Join A Support Group – Meeting people who are going through the same ordeal as you are and sharing notes with them can be a cathartic experience. Soliciting the services of a therapist or counselor who specializes in cancer-related mood changes is a more appropriate solution if you are uncomfortable amongst too many strangers.

  • Ask For Medications – Some standard medicines can be taken to get relief from the vomiting and the pain. Most GI tract issues that occur during and after chemotherapy like constipation, diarrhea, and nausea can be dealt with by taking medications recommended by your physician.

  • Be Gentle With Your Hair – Since hair loss is a typical fallout of chemotherapy, it is essential to understand how to cope with it. Using a mild solution to wash your hair and avoiding brushing them too often can help. If possible, get a short haircut as it will be easier to manage.

  • Use Natural Remedies For Mouth Ulcers – Sores that appear inside the mouth can be quite painful. Using a natural mouthwash made using sodium bicarbonate, and warm water may help in disinfecting the lacerations. Plain yogurt can help in soothing inflamed gums.

A peaceful mind and a body that is not battered extensively by chemo drugs are both essential elements of successful recuperation. By adopting some of the measures listed above, you can reduce the dreadfulness of chemotherapy and pave the way for a quicker recovery. 

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