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Breast Cancer Risk Factors That Make You More Vulnerable

An inflated risk of breast cancer can be attributed to numerous aspects related to one’s lifestyle and physical constitution. While there is no way to eliminate all chances of falling prey to this dreadful disease, a combined approach that targets several risks together can be helpful in lowering your risk considerably. 

Twenty-five percent of all gynecological cancer cases across the globe are related to breast carcinoma. Campaigns that aim to heighten the general awareness about this disease have fortunately gained a great deal of momentum in the past few years. Women from almost all walks of life have woken up to the possibility of being able to detect signs of a cancerous growth early, therefore, increasing their chances of a full recovery. Aside from this, it is possible to manage some factors proactively to skirt the disease altogether. Here are some examples: 

Post-Menopausal Weight Gain – Being overweight is a prime reason for the onset of many diseases. Those who have experienced weight gain as a result of menopausal changes are more likely to develop breast carcinoma since body fat continues to facilitate estrogen generation long after the ovaries have ceased functioning. Too much unnecessary estrogen creates a conducive environment for the formation of cancer cells. Keep your weight in check, especially around menopause to stay away from the high-risk zone. 

A Lethargic Disposition – Shunning physical activity can increase your risk quotient by almost thirty percent! On the other hand, indulging in moderate intensity exercises like yoga and aerobics for thirty minutes every day can help lower insulin and estrogen exposure, both of which are linked to the formation of carcinogenic cells in the breasts. 

Excessive Alcohol Consumption – Alcohol is yet another reason behind secretion of too much-unwanted estrogen. It also reduces the body’s ability to get rid of toxins. If you are already a high-risk candidate for breast cancer, steer clear of alcohol altogether. 

Insufficient Vitamin D Levels – Low level of vitamin D in your body makes it easier for cancer cells to thrive. Spending quality time in the sun so that your body can produce enough vitamin D is, therefore, crucial. Besides, adding foods rich in this nutrient to your diet is also a good idea to keep breast cancer at bay. 

Higher Breast Density – Those who have a higher amount of breast tissue are more susceptible to breast carcinoma. Such a condition also makes it more difficult for them to detect a tumor quickly. Regular screening using digital mammograms are a must for women with this type of breast composition. 

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