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Ovarian Cancer No More A Silent Killer

1 in every 75 women in the world will fall prey to ovarian carcinoma during their lifespan. This startling statistic is sufficient to warrant a higher focus on awareness concerning the early detection of this condition. The chances of a full recovery from ovarian cancer are very high if it is caught and treated promptly. 

The female reproductive system produces an egg every month as part of its fertility cycle. The body stows this egg a set of almond-shaped receptors known as the ovaries. These organs are also responsible for secreting hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Like any other variety of cancer, a malignant growth in the ovaries is also a result of the formation of abnormal cells that multiply at a quicker than usual rate giving rise to tumors. If not caught in time, these cells move to other areas of the body and replace natural tissue. 

In the past due to a lack of information about ovarian carcinoma, women were unaware of what to look out for as tell-tale symptoms. However, now, with years of research behind us, there is sufficient data that points towards some characteristic physical signs that call for attention. Paying heed to these early warning signals and reporting them to your physician can help save your life. 

Here are some of the symptoms that you should look out for if you want to steer clear of advanced stage ovarian carcinoma:-

  • A Perpetually Bloated Feeling – If you have ever suffered from PMS, you will know what a bloated stomach feels like. While feeling bloated right before your period is quite typical, it can be an indication of ovarian cancer if it persists for long and does not subside even after your period.
  • Pain in the Abdomen and Region – Discuss even the slightest of abdominal or pelvic pain with your gynecologist, especially if it does not wane over time. An irregular growth in your ovaries or your uterus could be the underlying cause of such a symptom.
  • Difficulty In Eating Regular Portions Of Food – A sudden loss of appetite and an inability to finish quantities of food that you used to consume earlier are both red flags that should be brought to your doctor’s attention.
  • Increased Frequency of Urination – Finding yourself reaching for the bathroom door again and again because you feel like urinating every few minutes is another classic sign of ovarian cancer. An ovarian tumor tends to exert pressure on the bladder making you want to urinate more often.
  • Chronic Fatigue – Tiredness that does not go away even after a couple of nights of good rest is a common cancer symptom that presents itself across the various forms of carcinoma known to humanity. If chronic fatigue occurs in conjunction with one or more of the other symptoms mentioned here, then it is worth getting assessed.
  • Pain in the Lower Back – When cancerous cells assail the ovaries, they begin pushing all the adjacent body parts causing pain in the lower portion of the back. Such type of pain that has developed overnight without any plausible reason is a sign that shouldn’t go unchecked.

Women no longer need to consider ovarian carcinoma as a shrewd, silent hunter that stalks its prey and finishes it without giving even the tiniest window to escape. Being sensitive to the changes in your body and immediately catching any of the symptoms mentioned above can be instrumental to a quick recovery. 

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