Dense Breasts - Do They Make You More Susceptible To Breast Carcinoma

Breast density is a crucial parameter to take into account while ascertaining your cancer risk.

Several factors multiply the possibility of contracting breast carcinoma, a condition that occupies a very high position in a list of common malignancies. Most of us are aware of the usual culprits like age, genetics, obesity and alcohol abuse, all of which make an individual more vulnerable. However, a lesser-known physical attribute that is also of consequence is the density of your mammary tissues. Research has shown that women with dense breasts, made up of a high quantity of non-fatty tissue, are six times more likely to develop cancerous growths. In addition to increased risk, the risk is further complicated because the breast structure that makes it incredibly tough for physicians to catch unusual growths.

Follow these tips to help reduce your risk:

1. Frequent Screenings – If you are a part of the high-risk faction due to dense mammary tissue structure ensure that you are performing regular self-examinations, scheduling an annual physician-led examination and an annual digital mammogram after age 40.

2. Choose Digital Over Film Mammography – With much better precision and clarity, digital methods are much more adept at spotting malignancies even in dense breasts. Consult with your physician if additional MRI or ultrasound procedures are right for you.

3. Maintain A Record Of All Your Previous Test Results – It is vital to compare the outcomes of your previous tests with those of your current ones. Such an analysis will help you and your physician detect any out-of-ordinary changes that could indicate the onset of cancerous growth.

4. Maintain A Healthy BMI Level – Fat cells, that accumulate in excess in overweight people, end up generating too much estrogen which can promote breast carcinoma. A regular 20-minute workout every day, along with healthy dietary habits can help reduce your susceptibility substantially.

5. Give Alcohol A Wide Berth – Those who are already in the high-risk category for breast malignancy, need to steer clear of alcohol. Alcohol tends to trigger estrogen creation as well as disturb the body’s ability to process it. As a result, the chances of carcinoma are increased for women with denser breasts that drink too much too often.

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